As a maternity and newborn photographer I quite often being asked to do a gender reveal photo during the maternity sessions so the expecting parents are able to announce the gender of their new baby with a style to their friends and family. But during the lockdown this is not possible, so I have put together some really good ideas to wow your loved one even while we are all at home and can't meet each other. Comment below which one is your favourite or which one you've chosen:

Gender Reveal Matryoshka Dolls

Place clues and the gender reveal in a set of Russian Matryoshka dolls. When the time comes, open each one over Zoom and see if your guests can guess the gender before you get to the final doll, which has the gender written out inside.

Gender reveal ideas from Photography by Edina

Balloons in a Box

Have the keeper of the gender fill a large cardboard box with either pink or blue balloons and confetti. When the big moment comes, have you and your significant other open the box while streaming on FaceBook Live and enjoy the surprise!

Paper Mache Volcano

Build a volcano out of paper mache. Then, after it’s dry, pour baking soda down the mouth of the mountain and add 30 drops of blue or pink food coloring. Then, get your family and friends together on FaceBook Live before adding ½ cup of vinegar to share the surprise!

Chocolate Shell Surprise

Have a loved one scoop out either blue or pink ice cream and cover it with a hard chocolate shell. Get your video stream going as you crack the shell with the back of a spoon to see the sweet reveal!

Scratch Off Card

Design your own scratch-off card or buy them ready-made. This is one is good for family members who live far away—just pop in the mail and wait by the phone!

Wizard or Witch?

I you are a real Harry Potter fan then this option is for you Have a loved one leave an article of boy or girl clothing underneath the wizarding hat. Gather everyone together on Zoom to watch for a magical reveal!

Light it Up

String up pink or blue lights around a room or porch. When the sun sets or the other lights are turned off, get your FaceBook Live stream going as your family and friends revel in the revealing glow!

 We Donut Know

If your cravings have been on the sweeter side, consider throwing a donut-themed gender reveal party! When the big moment comes, have your spouse take a bite out of a donut to reveal a blue or pink cream center on camera so everyone can see.

Blacklight Reveal

Write the gender in blacklight markers on a white poster board. When everyone has joined your Zoom gender reveal party, flip off the lights and turn on your blacklight flashlight for the grand reveal.

Blowing Bubbles

Each of the expectant parents blows a bubble with either pink or blue bubblegum. Then, the parent with the incorrect gum color has their bubble popped during a Google Hangouts session!

Gender Reveal Bath Bomb

Either make your gender reveal bath bomb or buy one online. When the time comes, fill a plastic container with water, and drop the bath bomb in, letting it reveal if it’s a boy or a girl. Guests can watch live as the bath bomb fizzles!

Egg Roulette

Have a friend who knows the gender of the baby hard boil 11 eggs and keep 1 raw. Dye them both pink and blue but make the raw egg the correct guess. The expecting parents will each take turns cracking eggs on their heads during a Facebook Live stream until the raw egg splatters!

Right on the Bullseye

Fill a black balloon halfway with blue or pink paint and air. Tape it to a canvas and grab a bow and arrow. On the big day, knock your arrow in the bow and aim at your target for the reveal. Be sure to catch it on video so you can share the news on social!

Sibling Love

Make custom shirts for your baby’s older sibling in either blue or pink and snap a family pic to post on Insta. Cute messages like, “I’m the Oldest!” is always a winner.

Dress Up the Dog

Already a parent to a fur baby? Feature your pet in the big reveal video by dressing them up in a special t-shirt, collar, or accessory and then calling them into the room with you while you’re streaming with family and friends!

Gender Reveal Puzzle

Buy a gender reveal puzzle to have mailed to your friends and family. The only pieces that will fit together to complete the puzzle will all be one color, revealing the gender of your baby!

Cake Pops

Make cake pops with white cake, colored inside blue or pink. Get your video camera going as you feed one another a cake pop and reveal the color inside to everyone watching!

Make the Bed

For a more private reveal, remake the bed with either blue or pink sheets and sham pillows. When your significant other climbs into bed, they’ll see the surprise!

Message in a Bottle

This is a perfect way to reveal the gender of your baby to their sibling. Write a note from the baby to your older children and stick it in a bottle. Have a loved one hide it in the sand or in the garden for the kids to find. Videotape the whole thing to send as to family and friends as your big reveal!

Gender reveals with Bumpkins York

When you book a private scan with Bumpkins you can browse among the different gender reveal products (balloons, cookies, smoke bombs etc.). It is very convenient and they can make it a surprise even for you if you wish so.

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