Froggy Pose Explained

Froggy Pose Explained

Apr 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

I often have clients or enquiries that have no idea how much editing work goes into one single newborn photography session. Your package cost not only includes the 3-4 hours of session time where your newborn photographer soothes your baby, stops for feeds, changes them, poses them, gets fabrics and props soiled (accidents happen!) but also the 10-15 hours of editing work involved in your session. Your baby photographer creates a soft-edited gallery to showcase the session but what you may not even realise is that the images did not look like that straight out of camera. A lot of magic goes into editing a newborn photography session to hide the photographer’s hands, feet,  smooth out blankets and extend backdrops. This is before your photographer even touches stray hairs across your face in family images, newborn spotty skin and dry flakes and smoothes all imperfections on both baby and yourself.

The froggy pose is in the images you see here, I have included the before and afters so you get an idea of how this pose is done. Hands never leave baby during this pose as baby is not able to safely support their own weight. The way this pose is safely created is called a composite image and this is done by merging two photos together (of the top half of the image and the bottom half of the image) to remove hands. This image itself takes a long time to carefully edit. It is important to hire a professional photographer who has done this pose many times and knows how to safely do the pose so not to put your newborn at risk.

To book your newborn session, please email edina@photographybyedina.co.uk. I have a limited amount of spots available per month to ensure my availability for all pre-booked sessions. Please book ahead as each month does fill quickly!


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