I have created this schedule so you can monitor our live sessions and find out more about the hosts. I will update it constantly as we go along as there are much more live sessions in preparation currently:

Free hypnobirthing class with Valerie form York Hypnobirthing

A live breathing and guided relaxation class for you from Yoga For Modern Life

Amazing live session with Mel from All Things Birth & Beyond

how to take newborn photos at home

Join me for a live tutorial on how to take adorable newborn photos in the comfort of your home

York Sling Library provides expert support to enable local parents to carry their children in comfortable, safe slings or carriers.

York Sling Library

Join us for a live antenatal class hosted by the amazing Valerie from York & North Yorkshire Hypnobirthing

Free baby massage class with Tess Craufurd

Preparing partners to be your support during birth is always important but especially now when they are the only person who will be with you in the hospital. Join Sarah during this live session to find out more about this topic.

lactation consultant

Becky is a certified lactation consultant so if you've got any questions about feeding she will be the right person to ask.

All Things Birth & Beyond is hosting a free session for you to prepare you how is it to start a new chapter of life with a newborn in it. You can find out more about Mel's sessions here

Deborah is an independent midwife at Yorkshire Storks. You can ask her questions during the live chat in the group and she will answer them during the chat.

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