What To Expect When Booking A Newborn Session

What To Expect When Booking A Newborn Session

Feb 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

After spending precious time finding the best newborn photographer in your area through Google or maybe on social media, you might wonder what’s going to happen next, how to book your newborn session and really, what to expect during your baby’s very first photo session. I have put together a point by point guide for you explaining the process of the newborn sessions.

Choose your newborn photographer

Make sure to check they are available for your due date, it is best to book after your 12 or 20 week scan so you can ensure your newborn photographer has enough room for you as we book up months in advance. Newborn photographers schedule a limited amount of newborns per month to ensure we have flexibility for early and late births as newborns rarely arrive on time!

Make sure you pay the deposit

We reserve a spot for your approximate due date month and then I have you contact me within 48 hours of giving birth to schedule in the exact date as it can be too messy to book an exact date before baby is actually here. A deposit secures your spot to ensure I have availability in your due date month and your spot is guaranteed.

Choose your colours and preferences

Once you pay the deposit I send over a long booking email that has all the important information such as the studio address, how to prepare for the session, what to wear and I also ask you to pick the colours you dislike, so I can plan better your session and I also ask you to choose your favourite images from my website/Facebook page or Instagram so I get a feel for your style and what you prefer from my portfolio.

The session

Once baby is here we book our session for when baby is 5-14 days old. The session is at my studio in York and includes a 3-4 hour session with baby and family portraits. My studio is cosy and well-equipped for newborns. I also have lots of types of coffee to choose from for you to enjoy while I am creating the amazing images of your little one! I do a range of poses with baby and we take our time to get the best possible images for baby in a calm and relaxing environment (many parents fall asleep on my sofa as this is the first time they get to relax since baby’s arrival).

Edited photos

After you leave our session the editing begins for me! My galleries take up to 2 weeks to create as I spend a long time editing them (newborn photography requires a lot of retouching even when it looks natural) so you can choose your images. Once I send off the gallery you choose which ones you like best!


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