Your newborn photo session

So you’ve done your research and booked your newborn session with me! What happens on the actual day of our session? When baby arrives you can be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, most of the time I find parents who come to me are just very tired and exhausted. I often have parents say that a newborn session actually felt like a bit of a break for them during this overwhelming time. In my newborn photography sessions in my cosy and spacious York studio, I do everything during the session. I photograph baby, soothe baby, burp baby, help them fall asleep and often I even put a nappy on baby! This is your chance to relax and just watch me in action while I photograph your gorgeous little one! It’s a time to enjoy and reflect on the few weeks that have already gone by since baby’s arrival. Professional newborn photographers aren’t just normal photographers, they are also highly experienced and trained with newborns.

A newborn photographer in York

I’ve been photographing newborns for a while now and  I’m so experienced with soothing and calming newborns that all you need to do during the session is feed baby (unless you bring a bottle and then I can do that too haha). Many of my clients (tired new parents) are so relaxed during a session that they fall asleep on the sofa! I mean it- so many dads fall asleep during my sessions! I like to think of sessions as a reprieve for new parents from the constant cycle of feeds, nappie changing and tiredness! Parents love to watch how I soothe baby and photograph them. Newborn photography is interesting to watch!

I start by getting baby to sleep and if baby is already asleep I start right away. I swaddle baby up and everything is carefully set up and planned in my studio so that I have the smoothest transitions possible for baby. Then once baby is in a deep sleep I work towards the more posed nude images that everyone loves so much! We always stop for nappie changes or feeding breaks if baby would like to. I love to chat with parents while I’m photographing their baby as many of my clients are from different ethnic backgrounds and different nationalities, it is so amazing to me to get to meet so many different people daily!

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