Why does it cost so much? You would ask.

Once you have decided to capture your little Prince or Princess' newborn moments, and you start to trall Google and Facebook to find a photographer in your area, you may well be surprised by the huge range in pricing.

At the bottom end of the market you might find minimal session fee, or maybe even no fee at all, with all the images uploaded to a simple online gallery or on a disc and not even edited properly, with very poor customer and baby care if you're not happy, to the top end of the market with a larger price list and range of products afterwards. But please believe it's not just about how much you are being asked to pay, it's about the professional service we provide and the whole experience from start to finish that means you and your baby are looked after in the way you expect.

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So, the what's difference, and which one should you go for?

I could go into details how professional photographers have had to pay for different expensive equipment, training sessions, insurance and tax, however I'm fairly sure you're not really interested and why would you be? it's all a bit dull and doesn't really matter to you when your choosing the best photographer for your new babies images. what I am sure you do care about, apart from the obvious of will the images be ones I love...... Does this photographer know what she is doing, and will my precious baby be in safe hands.

So, in all likelihood the photographer at the bottom end of the market pricing offering cheap sessions with all the 50 images on a disc, does not have the years and years of experience, they have not learned the finer details of the business, they haven't had all the specialist training in how to safely pose a newborn baby, they are not running a fully insured or registered business paying legitimate taxes. The reasons behind this do vary however usually it's because to do these tings properly is an expensive affair, and for those just starting in the business it's just not possible straight away. this does not mean they are necessarily rubbish photographers, but when it comes to newborns the main issue is more then good images. It is for me about give you and your Prince or Princess the service you all deserve, and of course the most important aspect..... baby safety.


Ok, but why does that matter if the images are nice? 

So it matters for a few reasons. Firstly and for me most importantly is the arrival of your new baby is such a happy and magical time, so the last thing you need is to have an expensive experience that leaves you feeling stressed or with a bad taste in your mouth. You're not having your car fixed for example. you're doing something to capture this incredibly special time and to forever frame your memories. a photographer who understands these needs will take care of you and your tiny baby, and will make sure the newborn photography session is an experience full of great fun and memories. if you have reason to be unhappy after your session, or your products fade or warp, you'll always remember this whenever you look at the images. This is not something professional baby photographers strive towards.

Apart from the experience the photographer provides you as a client, there is something equally as important and that is trust you're handing your brand new tiny baby over to this photographer for the entire session, to soothe, pose, place on and in props, to wrap and move in ways you simply never would. This requires a huge amount of trust from you in them, just as you would a midwife or doctor. Would you hand your newborn to a midwife with no training? The ONLY way you can trust your chosen photographer is by knowing they have had the expert training and experience in how to keep your baby safe, and this of course takes time.

 What you need to know is that the photographer you choose is experienced in posing and soothing newborns, has a varied portfolio showing comfortable and relaxed babies, and has a good reputation. Word of mouth is probably THE single best way to decide who to use, and not just about nice images. Find someone other people say respected them, their baby, and who they trusted at all times during the session to keep baby safe.

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 The images may or may not appeal to your taste as styles can vary greatly, but they should at least be of a good standard, showing good editing and processing skills.

For a newborn photographer to be able to produce excellent service, and good quality images while keeping your baby safe, requires dedication and years of investment in the art of newborn imagery.

 lt matters to me that you are confident your baby is in good hands, and that you will receive good service, and superb images, whether it’s me you choose or another good newborn photographer.

That is why l wanted to go some way to explain why l believe, when it comes to choosing your newborn photographer, you really do get what you pay for.

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