Why You Need Professional Newborn Photos

Why You Need Professional Newborn Photos

Jan 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

I truly believe that professional photos of your newborn are essential. Not just because I’m a newborn photographer but because I relish every memory and capturing memories as art.

Time flies

New parents or parents-to-be simply can’t comprehend just how fast those first few weeks of a baby’s life flies by in a blur of sleepless nights, feeds and nappie changes. By the time they are one year old you can barely remember the newborn stage. Newborns change week to week as they are growing constantly! Those late night feeds fill out those cheeks and rolls before you know it! They will never ever be this small again and it is so important to record them at their freshest and daintiest!

Be in the images

I know this isn’t a favourite for very tired new parents but it is so important to be in the images with your newborn. It’s a bit harder to get a family photo with an iPhone and you probably won’t get around to it. Scheduling a newborn photography session prior to giving birth helps you stay organised  so that you can be sure to record all those early moments of baby’s life.

Leave it with the professionals

I’ve seen some very poor newborn photography attempts online and on Pinterest. I’ve seen people I know try to do their own newborn photos and not only is it not as good but people don’t think about the fact that it simply isn’t safe. Professional newborn photographers are trained and experienced in putting newborns into these unique poses and know how to do it safely. Why risk your brand new baby?

Family treasure

I love knowing that my newborn images will be in families for years and years to come. They will get passed down to grandchildren and great grandchildren (if they are printed, so make sure you print) and become keepsake heirloom items. Professional images tend to be slightly more treasured as they are an investment and an art.


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