Why Should I Book A Maternity Session?

Photographed by York's Best maternity photographer

Making the decision to book a maternity session

You see all these gorgeous photos of pregnant women and you are just about to book a maternity session? But you have doubts. You might think that all of my clients are models because they look so good in the photos! Let me tell you something...they are everyday women, just like you!

I get it, it feels weird to have a photography session devoted entirely to you, it feels weird to flaunt your belly like a model. Yet, I also see the value in embracing it and capturing a time you may only experience once or a few times in your whole life.

Semi-naked maternity photo of a pregnant woman taken on a photo shoot in York

The maternity experience

If your gripe is that a maternity session feels self-indulgent or like all the attention is on you, make it a family session! I love capturing natural outdoor images of a mum and dad to be and catching those amazing moments between them as it truly sinks in that “this is it” and there are lives are about to dramatically change forever. A maternity session is the last time to capture just the two of you before the baby arrives and embrace all those butterflies about being new parents! Also, your body as a pregnant mum-to-be is doing something miraculous. You are growing a little life inside of you and why not record that moment in time? Why not glorify the amazing thing your body is doing?

It is truly better than those pictures I see on social media of bump selfies in front of a mirror! Why not create art instead of taking selfies that you probably won’t print or will lose on your phone.

Studio or outdoor session?

If you’re looking for something more natural and less styled, an outdoor maternity session is the way to go! We can capture you walking hand in hand. Another option is to bring your dogs and we can just have fun while walking through the woods. My favorite outdoor maternity location is truly a gem in York that feels like it is transporting you outside of the city and in the country!

The downside of an outdoor session is that you have to find somewhere to change. Due to this, there is a limited amount of changeovers. . In the studio we have the option to change many times and pick from the large variety of maternity dresses that I have in the studio. You can also change your hairstyle in-between dresses so that we get a wide range of looks for the session.

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pregnant woman wearing couture dresses on an outdoor maternity session in York
Outdoor maternity session in York

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