Why cake smash session is so expensive?

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Your bundle of joy is turning one soon and you want to celebrate this special occasion in a trendy, memorable way? You want a cake smash session!

You research Facebook and Instagram for ages. Attack Google with lines like: best cake smash photographer in York or first birthday photoshoot near me and you find enormous amount of options you can opt for.

Some of them are cheaper, some of them more expensive, and you stuck with what to go for, which one to choose?

cake smash sessions in york
Boy having fun during his first cake smash session in York

Obviously you can see the difference in the quality of images, but you ask yourself – is it worth it?

The answer is – YES!

Let me explain the reasons behind the pricing and what you will actually GET for your money.

Firstly, you should ask yourself, are you a QUALITY or QUANTITY person? Does the amount of images really matter? For me, I’d rather have 5 high quality, beautifully set up images of my little one. I can proudly show them off everywhere and they will be beautiful and in style in 10-20 years, than have 50 images very similar to each other, with cheesy setups and sometimes poor editing.

Another very important factor is what is actually included in the price you pay. I don’t like to entice my clients with a small fee and then trick them into spending lots of money at a later appointment. I am very clear with my pricing and you might feel that it is a large amount to pay, you will find that all of the packages are ALL-INCLUSIVE. Actually, you won’t need to worry about buying anything else for the session, it’s all taken care about for you.

So, here is what’s included:

The Cake

I use an award-winning cake maker who makes bespoke cakes for your cake smash session. We can accommodate any dietary requirements it there are any(you have to let us know in advance).

cake smash and splash sessions in York

Cake smash set up and backdrops

When you book your session, you will be offered a consultation where we can discuss your taste and expectations. You will be offered 3-4 different setups that will suit your taste and you can pick your favorite one. You can make your session even more special we can accommodate your request as well.

We had Harry Potter, The Beatles, Mickey Mouse, etc themes before and looking forward to even bigger challenges in the future.

Cake smash outfits

Once the setup is selected very carefully for your little one’s photo session, we care about every little detail. The outfit should not be forgotten about either. We use premium quality vendors for our outfits, and make sure that it fills to suit the whole design for your session. That is one more thing you don’t have to worry about when booking with us. One of my favorite vendors are High Peak Desings creating fabulous pieces for my sessions.

The Images

We offer you a completely free appointment where you will be invited back to the studio. During this appointment, we show you the images we have taken in a beautiful presentation. You will be able to choose the ones you love. There is no hard sell during this appointment. It is very important for me for you to leave with the feeling that you have got what you wanted not what you have been sold. All images are fully edited and once you have picked your favorites you will be able to take them home straight away.

Family photos

When you book a cake smash and splash session for your little one it is not only a cake smash session. We understand how important is to regularly update the family portfolio, so we encourage parents and siblings to participate in at least 1-2 photos. Imagine how awesome will it be to look back at those images in 10-15 years!

Additional products

Although additional products like wall art and albums are not included in the packages, our STRAWBERRY package includes an amazing £100 voucher towards these products. When you choose to have one of our stunning wall arts you can be sure that you will own a fantastic piece of art that you and your little one can treasure for years to come.

If you can’t decide which wall art you are most attracted to, we can help you with it. Thanks to our studio design software we can show you how would the chosen wall art look in your own home. We can also help you decide on size, type, and even the image you want to hang on your wall.

Newborn and cake smash wall art photo

If you still have some questions we are happy to chat. Drop us an email: edina@photographybyedina.co.uk

To find out more about our Cake Smash and Splash Sessions click here.


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