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So you are pregnant and ready to book a newborn session. This time is full of stress and worries. Your hormones are through the roof and there are so many things you need to get ready for a tiny person, it's crazy! You have to think about getting all the necessary items as baby grows and vests, a cot or Moses basket, muslin squares, and a changing mat! And then how about the bottle sterilizers, prep machines and/or bottle warmers! Sure, you will need one of those!

Not even mentioning the hospital bag. In my humble opinion, the most important out of all, but the hardest to put together. You might have a swift delivery (like I had, both of my labors lasted less than a couple of hours) and you will need minimal stuff. Or you might end up spending days in the hospital, in which case you will need much more things.

But besides all the tangible goodies, you start to get prepared to become a mum and read tons of literature about your pregnancy and your baby. Books like What to Expect When Expecting are must-haves. In this emotional rollercoaster, I am not surprised that booking a newborn photographer is on the top of your list.

My baby is already here, what shall I do?

After all the planning, your gorgeous little bundle of joy has finally arrived! You slowly realize how amazing would it be to capture her/him while they are still so tiny. You decide to book a newborn session! In a rush, you are trying to find a newborn photographer on Google or Instagram. Only to discover that most of the are already fully booked for the next month or so. Even if they manage to squeeze you into their busy calendar, your baby might be slightly older for the classical newborn session.

So, when should I book a newborn session?

As an experienced newborn photographer, I can tell you that ideally, it is best to book in your 2nd trimester. You’ve made it over the hump of the 1st trimester with its elevated risks. Now it’s time to start really preparing for this baby’s arrival. I recommend securing your photographer in your 2nd trimester. It means that you can cross it off your “To Do” list and not even have to think about it again until the baby arrives. You can absolutely book later, for sure. The risk with waiting until the 3rd trimester (or after the baby arrives!) is that the photographer you really want may be completely booked and unable to accommodate you. I personally will take as many last-minute newborn bookings as I can manage with my schedule. Sometimes it’s tough to be able to squeeze someone in though.

How can I book a session when I am not sure when will my baby arrive?

I can't speak for every photographer in the world. But I can confidently say that most of the newborn photographers follow this procedure when it comes to newborn sessions. I always book my clients' due dates provisionally in my calendar. This gives me an idea of how many newborns can I book per month. In this case, they have a slot for sure. Don't have to worry about booking an exact date and the miss it because the baby decided to hang around a bit longer 🙂

All they have to do is to contact me once the baby is here. We will then arrange a date within the next week or so. This booking system allows me to be flexible with my clients which they absolutely love!

But why does the session have to be scheduled in the first two weeks?

There are lots of types of baby photography, which of course allows capturing your little one at any time. But, if you are after those super cute, posed, and sleepy images, they will have to be scheduled in the first two weeks if your baby is bottle-fed and the first three weeks if you are breastfeeding. The reason behind it is simple, for me to be able to pose your little one SAFELY they have to be as young as possible. At that age, they are still very sleepy and bendy enough (remember, they've spent 9 months in your womb curled up) to be placed into those very cute poses and still follow all the safety rules.

Do I have to come to the studio or can we do the session in our home?

Either way is fine. As a professional newborn photographer, I collected a huge range of props and outfits. These are obviously available to all of my clients. Very often the parents love to "dig" in the props during the session and pull out new stuff for their baby! ? Although sometimes, for various reasons, clients prefer to have the photos done in their homes. Of course, this is possible, if it is booked in advance. The range of props would be limited and selected on our consultation appointment prior to the session.

The general rule for a newborn session to be scheduled is when your baby is between 4-14 days old.

Hope I managed to answer all of your questions about the process of booking a newborn session. Although, if you still have any questions please feel free to email me at edina@photographybyedina.co.uk. I will be more than happy to have a chat with you!

You will have plenty of things to stress over as you get ready to bring your little miracle into the world.

Making sure that you have someone ready to take gorgeous portraits of this fleeting time in your little one’s life should not be one of them!

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Edina xxx

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