What Do You Get When Booking A Newborn Session With Photography BY EDINA?

Leaving the house for a longer period

I get many clients who fear that it will be hard to leave the house with baby or they will be in too much pain (in case of a C-section) to go to the studio. I always try to soothe these fears by explaining that newborns love the car and often sleep the entire car journey as long as they are fed before, they are only out of the house for a few hours (just like a doctor’s appointment) and if a client is in too much pain after a c-section, I am happy to work around this and have you come in later.

Props, props, props

My York studio is a treasure cave of newborn photography props. I have so much in every cupboard and on every surface! I love collecting all things that are perfect for a newborn session and am always on the lookout for props when I’m out and about. My studio offers every colour that you can think of in hats, headbands, bonnets, posing blankets, backdrops, wraps and outfits. I also have an extensive collection of wooden props such as little beds, bowls, baskets and crates. My studio also offers the chance to do more simple sessions on plain backdrops for those that prefer a more natural posed look for their newborn session.

Everything is ready for you

The night before our session I go through all my props and create a bespoke session for you based on your colour choices. I set everything up in my studio in York and plan each newborn session so that the session is effortless and easy for baby based on smooth transitioning. So much thought goes into every session in order to make the perfect experience for you. I also have little heaters that help keep baby warm and cosy!

The experience

The important factor for choosing a studio session is that it offers a professional experience. In my studio I have large lighting equipment, backdrop stands, a large posing bed for posing and an extensive range of unique and high-quality props. I also make sure that everything is laid out and prepared so it makes easier to transfer the baby during the session. Without all of this equipment, I couldn’t deliver high-quality results which is why I adore my studio newborn photography sessions in my cosy York studio!

For a pricelist please contact me at edina@photographybyedina.co.uk.

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