pregnant lady in hite dress during her maternity session in york

As I write this post, I am 6 months into my second pregnancy.

So if even the thought of being in front of a camera makes you go “Not the way I look right now!”... I hear you.

Yes, carrying a new life inside you is the most wonderful thing, but some days feeling good about yourself is hard.

So why am I even writing a blog post for you… talking about pregnancy photos?


No, the reason is not only that I am a specialized maternity photographer based in York, so probably not too far from where you are.

What convinced me to write this was a conversation with a mum I had a few months ago.

She came to me with a beautiful baby girl, 10 days old, for a newborn photoshoot.

During the session, as we started preparing for parents images, she said something that I had heard many times before:

“I regret so much not having a maternity photoshoot done! I kept thinking about the weight I had put on, and how bloated I felt, and all of that… and now I will never be able to show my girl beautiful photos of when her mama was expecting her.

I wish I had met you before!”


Let’s do a little experiment. Do you have on your phone a photo of someone you love?

Your partner, your parents… or maybe your little one.

If you do, please look at it and think about when it was shot.

Is that bringing you back to that moment?

To the connection with that person? To everything that happened that day and made you shoot that photo?

Maybe it even makes you say out loud to them: “Remember when…?”

I am sure you are not really focusing on how they look right now.

And if you are lucky enough to have a photograph of your mum when she was pregnant with you, think about it: have you ever looked at it and thought “oh, she was so big though....”

I am sure you didn’t.

So do you really think that 20, 30 years from now your baby will look at your photos and have that reaction?

No, they won’t.

They will see their mum. They’ll see the love. The hugs.

They’ll remember the times they were not feeling well and you made hot chocolate for them.

The goodnight kisses.

So reason #1 to document your pregnancy with photos is… that they will become some of your baby’s most precious memories!


These days, taking pictures is as easy as touching your iPhone’s screen.

But if you have ever tried taking a selfie, you know that looking good on a photo taken with your phone is not easy.

And sure, any photo is better than NO photo when it comes to documenting important memories… but why not make things a little easier (and better) by asking a professional photographer to help you capture such a special moment in your life?

As a specialized maternity photographer, I know exactly what angles, what light, what equipment is best to make you look amazing and hide those little imperfections that would make you want to hide your photos.

And there is more.

Part of my job is achieving that without you noticing so that the time in the studio is a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

I have also developed editing techniques that are going to give your photos those final touches that are going to make all the difference.


The last few months of your pregnancy are probably spent planning for your little bundle’s arrival… so how about a pampering session for you, mama?

To help you look and feel beautiful…there is a selection of dresses available for you to choose from and, prior to your session, we will make time to define styling, colours and other details that are going to help us create the most stunning images for you and your family.

Want to know more about my maternity sessions?

Let’s talk!

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