Older Babies – When You’ve Missed The Newborn Stage

Older Babies – When You’ve Missed The Newborn Stage

Feb 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

older baby photos
Newborn, older baby photos

For newborn photographers, a newborn is under two weeks old. After this it becomes harder to get those highly posed images and takes a lot longer if it is even possible. Baby can be fussier, more awake and less womb-like. That doesn’t mean that taking pictures of older babies is a problem, I love photographing babies and children of all ages! When I have an older baby I just modify the session and change it to make it a bit simpler and focused on more awake images. This baby in this post was 6 weeks old at the time of her session and the smiliest six weeks old I’ve every had, she loved smiling at the camera!

By photographing different stages you get to experience many different things and seeing how a baby changes to interact more with you is an amazing experience! If I photograph a baby from one month to 3 months old, I still try to swaddle them as most babies generally like this still as it makes them feel cozy and happy. We photograph swaddled while lying down in bowls, on my flokati rug etc to get a variety of images and backdrops. Then we photograph baby awake as they give such great expressions it is so lovely to capture their little developing personality. I find all babies, even at the newborn stage, have already developed their own personalities and it is amazing to think of what they will be like as they grow older!

If you are worried about missing out on the newborn stage, don’t worry I photograph babies of all ages and I never turn a baby away because of their age. I just love capturing them so you can cherish these memories for a lifetime and they can become a family heirloom!


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