So you have booked your newborn session and are very excited about what will happen next or are just on a verge of booking a session but your head is full of questions? I will tell you all you need to know about our newborn sessions step-by-step.

Have you ever wondered what is going on during a newborn session? Why does it take 3-4 hours to take some photos of your newest family member? Why are babies being photographed wrapped? I will answer all your questions and worries...

When you arrive to the studio...

On the day of your session I am arriving at the studio a couple of hours before you to set up the equipment, design the style and pick the props and layers I will be using for your baby. This is based on our previous conversations and the questionnaire you have completed. I am designing 4-5 different setups with the color scheme of your choice to ensure the end result (your images) is what you will truly love!

Upon your arrival at my studio at Greystones Farm, York I will be waiting for you at the entrance and show you to the studio. While we are having a small chit-chat before your session you can enjoy a cup of tea or a cold drink.

Let's start the session...

While we are getting to know each other I will ask you to undress your little one and that is the moment when I start to get to know your baby. You will notice that I will start with settling him, feeding (if he is due for a feed), and slowly start to wrap him. There are two reasons for this: I want him to get used to my touch, and wrapping ALWAYS helps to calm the babies down and settle them easier. Distressing your baby and at the same time, you are the last thing I want to do!

Poses and props during the newborn session

Before arriving for your session you already know which type of poses you like the most. I always ask clients to pick 5 images from my website or social media that they like the most so I can understand what type of images are closer to your heart.

bumble bee newborn
Bee Bee

While I will try my best to reproduce those images for you, it is entirely up to the baby which poses he is comfortable in and which ones just not going to work. Some babies absolutely love laying on their tummies. For these babies poses like a baby in a bucket and crates will work well. Some babies though absolutely hate that so we will need to pose your baby the way HE prefers. It doesn't mean we won't be able to create some really beautiful images at all.

newborn session
Newborn baby girl posed in the bucket

Safety is above all!

During a newborn session, my main goal is to produce some lovely images that you will treasure for years to come BUT this does not mean that I will compromise on safety at any point of the session. Newborns are extremely delicate and vulnerable so it needs knowledge and expertise to photograph them in a safe way. You will see me keeping my hand on your baby all the time and sometimes even asking you to help me to support your little one when necessary.

For images like "Safe in Dad's hands" I photograph your baby on a posing bed by using clever tricks and of course Photoshop magic. I create the image with the illusion that your baby is in the air held by dad while he is safely laid down all the time while I am photographing him.

Parent and sibling shots during the newborn sessions

All newborn sessions include parent and sibling shots! Capturing a new baby in a family without the family is just not right. I understand that you might feel a bit uncomfortable after giving birth to your ray of sunshine, but these family portraits are irreplaceable. Even though you don't wish to be in the photo I encourage parents to participate in images like the above, where only your hands will be visible.

With proud big brothers and sisters, I try to involve them in the session as we go along and capture siblings together in every possible setup.

Before you leave...

Once we've finished photographing your little one I will hand him back to you. You can get him dressed or feed him (babies are always hungry after their photo session????). That is when we arrange a suitable viewing appointment where you will view your photos and select the package and wall art you like the most.

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To get in touch or enquire about your newborn session please email me: edina@photographybyedina.co.uk

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