If you're expecting a baby this year you've got plenty of celebrity company, mama. From reality TV stars to bloggers and A-list actresses, there is a baby boom happening in celebrity circles right now.

Amy Schumer, Snooki and Christina Anstead are just a few of the celebrity moms who recently welcomed little ones and there are a ton more who are still waiting to meet their kiddos.

But if you are not a celebrity you can still feel like one while you are pregnant! Glamorous baby showers and even more fashionable maternity or pregnancy photo shoots are the ones for you.

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Expecting a miracle

As a maternity and newborn photographer based in York and surrounding areas I am in very close contact with expecting moms and later on their new babies and I understand the importance of capturing these moments in a woman's life.

You might feel that you have gained extra pounds during your pregnancy, and let's be honest, lockdown didn't help avoiding to gain some extra kilos anyway ????, but don't be put off from having a glamorous photo session just because of that very easily fixable issue (I love photoshop, hehe).

This is a very special time in your life and every pregnancy is different, even if it's your second, third, fourth or fifth!???? pregnancy so it is worth capturing every journey in its own way. Turn the maternity session into a family photo session and bring your older kids, husband, wife, life partner, etc. with you. At the end of the day - every family needs updated portraits every couple of years anyway.

Lockdown was hard for pregnant ladies and new mums but it looks like there will be a baby boom in December, January and February thanks to lockdown. October, November and December are super busy already with bookings coming in every day for both maternity and newborn sessions. This is the time when photography is not just a trend, it actually means a lot to people. The importance of documenting the memorable moments in our lives is huge. At the end of the day - this is what will be left behind after we've gone, this is how our children will remember us, this is our legacy.

Maternity dresses

Quite often I get asked about the maternity outfits and dresses that you can see on my images - and yes, they are all mine and available to choose for your session! I have invested in these gorgeous gowns because I wanted to make the pregnancy photo shoots even more special for my clients. I do like simplicity and offer minimalistic dresses as well as lavish gowns, but doesn't matter which type you prefer, the maternity session is a celebration in a woman's life and it must be reflected on the photos by outstanding dresses, hair and make up.

Outdoor or indoor (studio) sessions

The other big dilemma is to decide which type of session to choose, would it be an outdoor session or would you prefer a studio based session. Both have its advantages and it it entirely up to you which one you'd prefer. Outdoor sessions are amazing! You are close to nature and all the space given we can create some truly stunning maternity portraits. Although it is weather dependant - so if you are flexible with your time and in case of need you are happy to postpone your session should the weather change this type of session is the one to choose.Studio sessions are more predictable and if you'd prefer he privacy of a studio - choose this type of maternity session. Either way, you are a winner????

How to get in touch and book my amazing photo session with Edina?

If a maternity session what you have been dreaming about for ages but couldn't decide wether to book or not - this is the time to make that big step and get in touch! Fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Let's create some magical portraits for you and your family together!

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