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Your little miracle has arrived and you’re tired and getting used to this little bundle of joy. How can we have the best newborn photography session?

Pack all necessary stuff the might before

Packing everything the night before helps keep you organised in the morning so all you have to do is focus on is getting baby and yourselves ready. Having the essentials during the session (like nappies, changes of clothes for baby etc) can be super helpful.

Pick up your make up bag

If you wear makeup and are struggling to get ready before you leave for our session, just bring your makeup with you and get ready while I’m doing baby’s portraits! That way leaving isn’t as stressful!

Pack extra expressed milk

If you can, bring expressed milk for those fussier times. Having a bottle ensures that a fussy baby is full and happy!

Bring a dummy

I know many people are against a pacifier/dummy but they can be a lifesaver when baby just wants that extra comfort and only have to be used for a short time during the session.

Extra stuff

Pack extra nappies, muslin, wipes and a few changes of clothes for baby! If you think you have enough, pack more! I’ve had a newborn go through 6 nappies in a session! I always have extras on hand though!

Wear light clothing/layers

It can get hot and sweaty in a newborn session as for some of those cute posed shots, baby needs to feel comfortable and as it is very warm in the womb, temperatures we feel comfortable in can be cold to them. Bring light layers (vests, t-shirts) so that you don’t overheat during the session.

Keep calm and relax

Once you are at the session it is time for you to relax on my studio sofa! I do all the hard work like soothing and posing, all mum needs to do is feed when baby is hungry!

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