Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Aug 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift for parents-to-be? Aside from a newborn photography session (great gift idea and Edina Fedics Photography offers Gift Certificates:)), here are a mix of unique and also useful items for parents and their gorgeous newborn baby!

1.) Sleepyhead:  The Sleepyhead is a must-have for new parents! It is perfect for naps for baby and so portable! This way you can put baby down everywhere safely and they are super cosy!

2.) Ewan the Dream Sheep: Ah, this little sheep is a must have in every household with a new baby. Ewan plays lullabies that act as white noise to help baby sleep. He is the perfect first stuffie for a new baby!

3.) Baby’s First Year Book: This little suitcase is perfect for keeping those gorgeous memories in one place. Baby’s first shoes, their first outfits. The perfect keepsake for new parents!

4.) Personalised Age Blanket: Have you seen all your Facebook friends post monthly updates of their baby’s age? This is an adorable way to capture your babies as they grow bigger and bigger each month!

5.) Personalised keepsake building blocks: I’m obsessed with anything personalised and anything that can be kept as a keepsake. These blocks are the perfect classic item that can be kept as a precious memory for baby.

6.) Personalised rabbit teddy: My clients often bring baby’s first teddy to be photographed in our session. It is so lovely for them to keep their first stuffed animal for years and years. I love when they are personalised with their names too!

7.) Moses basket: A Moses basket is an essential for a newborn baby! It is perfect to keep in a new parent’s bedroom and keep baby safe and close by!

8.) The White Company Changing Mat: I find many of my clients start with a fancy change-table for their newborn and then realise the more portable option is much better as they get more knowledgeable about works for them and their baby. I have a similar change mat in my studio and it just makes things so much easier!

9.) Gift voucher for your loved ones: and of course you can purchase a gift certificate for your family or friends for any occasion. You can gift any amount you want to gift towards their chosen session. To buy one all you need to do is to email at edina@photographybyedina.co.uk. You will receive them in a gorgeous gift envelope to make it look more special.


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