Add Your Heirloom Items To Your Newborn Session

Add Your Heirloom Items To Your Newborn Session

Aug 11, 2019 | Newborn sessions

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When I first send out my booking email for your newborn photography session in my York studio,  I suggest that you bring an heirloom item or any special item you would like to include. I’ve had clients bring stuffed animals, different fabrics representing various cultures and antique baby blankets. I love thinking of a way to incorporate your special item and fabric/blankets is the easiest as you can see above! I love using fabric to put baby on in a unique way and figuring out how to still make baby the focus of the image while paying tribute to the item and the generations of family that have used it. In this session, mum brought a blanket that Grandma made for her little bundle of joy and it was special to their family and I think it turned out so beautifully! I love the simple, natural look in this image where the main focus in on the baby, but a special item incorporated in the composition as well.

Have you got an item that have been passed down for generations in your family or something that is very meaningful for you? Bring it in for your newborn session!

To book your newborn session, please contact edina@photographybyedina.co.uk.


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