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meet me

Hi, my name is Edina Fedics and I
am a photographer based in Norton on Derwent and York (Wiggington). I have had
a passion for photography ever since I was young. And then it transformed into
a passion for newborn photography when my baby girl was born in March 2018. So
I started to investigate this type of photography which absolutely sucked me
in. This was what I wanted to do. I became obsessed researching the hows and
the why’s, emailing other experienced newborn specialists hoping for advice,
searching the internet for ways to learn. I took multiple trainings with one of
the best newborn photographers in the UK. Now I specialize in newborn and
maternity photography, although I will also undertake sessions with older
children, pets and family portraits. Capturing those precious milestone moments
and occasions in your life is what I am enjoying to do. I currently work out of
my home but can also come to you as my studio is fully mobile. Please feel free
to contact me direct if you have any questions or wish to discuss anything

yes, that's me



+ 07874 610181